Pre-Conference Training Institutes

Summer Starts in September: Your Ultimate Planning Guide

8:30 AM – 12:00 PM | Monday, November 12

Summer starts in September, so we’re already two months behind! Let us help you catch up with the help of our new interactive program planning guide. As soon as the most recent summer slips into the past, it is time to start thinking, reflecting, and planning—while summer’s lessons are still fresh in your mind, easy to retrieve, and awaiting your evaluation.

Carefully planned summer learning programs provide youth with life-changing experiences, so it is important to begin with the end in mind, establishing definite goals and steps to achieve them. In this workshop participants will receive Summer Learning Program Quality Assessment quality standards and hear about and share practice ideas for using them in continuous program improvement. The workshop will make extensive use of the new interactive program planning guide, Summer Starts in September. The facilitators will model activities and tools that participants can use to plan the summer learning program.


Summer Starts in September Special Topics: Recruitment, Retention and Results!

1:30 PM – 5:00 PM | Monday, November 12

So you’ve learned everything about operating a successful summer learning program, but how can you ensure students show up and stay engaged? Research has confirmed the common-sense notion that, for students to benefit from summer programs, they must attend regularly. Getting enough students to register for your summer learning program—most importantly those who can most benefit—requires designing and implementing a recruitment effort. In this session learn practical strategies to draw families to your program with creative incentives like summer meals, field trips, or before and aftercare options. Attendees will gain access to outreach templates, telephone scripts, and summer learning research, and hear examples from providers across the country who are innovating on how to best keep kids learning and engaged for the entire summer!

This is a great follow-up workshop to the Summer Starts in September: Your Ultimate Planning Guide Pre-Conference workshop!