Arts Education Professional Summer Learning Community

Unlocking the Wonders of Arts Education

Arts Education has disappeared from classrooms, despite years of research proving that a focus on the arts improves students’ academic achievement in other subjects, promotes critical thinking and social and emotional development, helps reduce violence and disciplinary actions, and strengthens communities. These gains are disproportionately positive for students of color and schools that primarily serve low-income families. Many states have enacted arts education mandates but implementation falls far short, often because of a lack of time, budget and people.

Meanwhile, cultural institutions such as museums, theaters, dance companies and parks, offer stellar arts programming and are seeking education partners. How might we effectively bring these groups together to help students thrive in the classroom and in communities? What can we learn from schools and cultural institutions who are already innovating to excellence for arts education?

The goal of the Arts Education PLC is to convene educators and cultural leaders who are interested in connecting their students to arts programming in the classroom, off-site and online. Sessions will include arts practitioners and leaders in arts education discussing curriculum, funding, partnerships and public policy considerations.

Planned, led, and facilitated by NSLA Field Consultants, PLC members:

  • Share best practices, and respond to latest thinking and come together for knowledge, professional renewal and growth
  • Hold quarterly training meetings and one in-person all day retreat at NSLA’s Annual Conference in Washington DC
  • Develop a list of funding, partnership and curriculum resources to share with the field

Who Should Join the Health Sciences PLC?

Leaders and program directors of cultural institutions, schools and education centers.

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