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The National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) serves as a national hub for a diverse coalition of national partners committed to keeping all kids learning, fed and safe during the summer. For more than 20 years, we have built a field around this issue, recognizing and disseminating what works, convening key decision makers and building capacity for quality practice. Check out NSLA’s research and policy briefs, program improvement resources and support services:

Planning & Funding Tools

Summer learning planning and funding tools for communities.

Consultations, Trainings & Evaluations

Consultations, trainings and program evaluations.

Research in Briefs

Briefs to help inform the choices that parents, program providers and policymakers make when selecting and designing summer programs for youth.

Policy Corner

NSLA provides expertise, tools and resources on a number of policy issues that include 21st Century Community Learning Centers, summer meals, community service and service learning, STEM education and funding opportunities for summer programs.

New Vision for Summer School (NVSS)

The NVSS Network is committed to summer learning that engages more children and youth, boosts academic achievement and supports teaching and learning throughout the school year.

Summer Meals

Nourish bodies and minds through summer meals!

Resources for Families

Summer learning tips for families to keep kids learning and healthy.

Summer Bookstore

Books for purchase to help your summer learning program thrive.

STEM Tools

Summer learning resources about STEM.

Literacy Tools

Summer learning resources about literacy.

Flowers with Grass