Spotlighting Kids Read Now

February 1, 2018

New Vision for Summer School Spotlight

Kids Read Now is a non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate the K-3 summer reading slide. Since 2010, Kids Read Now has delivered over 160,000 new books to help nearly 27,000 K-3 students build a love of reading.

How It Works:

In the spring, teachers help students pick nine books from a list of over 120 best sellers. Each school hosts a Family Reading Night where students get their first three books and parents learn how to help their kids over the summer. All books are free to families and become the child’s own property.

Kids Read Now stays in touch with families through calls, texts, emails, or Facebook messages, asking which book their child read that week. When they respond, Kids Read Now mails another book to the student’s home, addressed directly to the child. Each student who reads all nine books gets a certificate when they return to school in the fall.

NSLA Special Offer:

School districts in the New Vision for Summer School Network will receive a five percent discount on the Kids Read Now summer reading program list price. For more information on pricing and details on how to get Kids Read Now in your district, contact 877.536.0130 or email

Keep All Kids Healthy and Learning

Now more than ever, communities need your support to expand access to summer and afterschool programs that will help students catch up on unfinished learning and thrive after an extraordinarily challenging school year.

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