Our Time to Shine Social Media Campaign

Frames to celebrate National Summer Learning Week with Instagram Reels & TikTok!

In celebration of National Summer Learning Week (July 12 – July 16), we are excited to introduce a special social media campaign entitled Our Time to Shine! Our goal is to shine a bright light on (past and present) ways our partners, community leaders, educators, and families are spreading the joy of summer learning. This is an excellent time to shine a spotlight on your community’s summer learning commitment, your stories of inspiration and the importance of investing in high-quality summer experiences for every kid in our country.

Here’s How to Participate!
  1. Collect photo(s) that convey an activity/initiative relating to the joy of summer learning and place them on your phone’s camera roll.
  2. Click here to view our mobile Facebook Camera.
  3. Adjust your camera to portrait or landscape mode.
  4. Access your camera roll through the Facebook Camera and choose a picture.
  5. Make any adjustments or add any effect as you wish and press “save” on the bottom of the Facebook Camera. Or snap your own photo!
  6. You now have a new National Summer Learning Week themed photo and it can be shared to any social media account. Don’t forget to use #SummerLearningWeek in your postand please tag NSLA.

You can also add the official Facebook Profile Frame to your own personal Facebook account by clicking here.

Each day of National Summer Learning Week focuses on a specific theme and we will be hosting a webinar (more details to come) every day on each theme throughout the week but feel free to post about any summer learning activity throughout the entire week. Here are our official hashtags:
  • Dive into a Book Adventure: #DiscoverReading
  • Discover STEM and Soar: #DiscoverSTEM
  • Win at Health and Wellness: #DiscoverWellness
  • Celebrate the Future Leaders of Tomorrow: #DiscoverLeadership
  • Make a Masterpiece Use: #DiscoverArts

Other Ways to Participate

We want to hear summer learning stories from everyone! Whether it’s about a memory from your own childhood, the achievements your kid has made, or an amazing moment from a summer program, we want to know! Let’s work together and make #SummerLearningWeek trend nationwide!

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