The great opportunity of at-home summer learning is the chance to engage your child’s mind in a way that is as different from formal schooling as possible. You don’t have to teach your children trigonometry or advanced chemistry or conversational French this summer. Instead, you can introduce them to an extraordinary world of amazing people, places and stories, from science and nature to countries and cultures, from art to engineering, from poetry to deep sea diving, space exploration and more.

The goal of this book is two-fold: first, to provide parents with guidance as they scramble to educate, entertain and nurture their children while schools are closed, and second, to provide a mountain of resources and activities to help parents inspire and engage their kids.

The “9 Principles of At-Home Learning During the Era of Covid-19” and the “40 Digital Learning Kits” have been created for this moment and are inspired by the best practices of award-winning programs around the country.

In “When Schools Are Closed,” Matthew Boulay suggests strategies and resources to help parents teach, nurture, and support their children during these unprecedented times. Boulay draws on evidence from research, on conversations with parents, educators, and policymakers, and on his own insights as a father, former teacher, military veteran and decades long champion of summer learning.

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