Charter Schools Professional Summer Learning Community

Supporting collaboration, ingenuity, and innovative cross-sector partnerships for today's students

According to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, as of 2021, 69.3% of charter school students were students of color, and 59.6% of charter school students received FRPL.

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted racial inequality, economic disenfranchisement, and health disparities impacting students’ ability to succeed academically. As a result, communities, educators, policymakers, and stakeholders have developed a renewed focus on creating equity for all during the summer months.

In order to create the transformative opportunities children deserve, it will require collaboration, ingenuity, and innovative cross-sector partnerships.

The National Summer Learning Association’s (NSLA) Charter School Professional Learning Community brings together leaders from across the Charter School landscape to generate new ideas, share best practices, and learn how Charter Schools can promote equity for their students during the summer months.

Planned, led, and facilitated by NSLA Field Consultants, the PLC:

  • Holds quarterly training meetings and one in-person all day retreat at NSLA’s Annual Conference in Washington, DC
  • Explores key topics such as: Supporting diverse learners, Data driven solutions, Community partnerships, and Education policy
  • Share best practices, personal experiences, and case studies for knowledge, professional renewal, and growth

Who should join the Charter Schools PLC?

Education practitioners who are leading, developing, or partnering with Charter Schools.

PLC Team Leader

Tajee Bounds - Change Summer

Email Tajee to learn how to join the PLC at