Health and Fitness Professional Summer Learning Community

Working Together for Greater Impact

Young people are experiencing adverse health impacts from not moving enough, and the pandemic has only made this worse.¹² Additionally, young people are facing negative mental health impacts from the pandemic, including increased rates of depression and anxiety.³ Sports, play, and physical activity are deeply connected to student educational, health, and wellness outcomes. Simply put, physical activity is a predictor for long-term health and well-being. Participation in school sports has been associated with higher GPAs, favorable perceptions o

f school safety, and increased perceptions of family and teacher/community support. Additionally, sports can be a place that helps foster positive relationships between students and help connect them to their school community in a meaningful way. However, not all sports experiences are made equal. The benefits of sport and physical activity are only unlocked with intention and an understanding of how sport can hurt and heal.

The purpose of the National Summer Learning Association’s (NSLA) Heath and Fitness Professional Summer Learning Community is for participants to learn how sport and physical activity impact social-emotional learning, and assist in healing from trauma.

Planned, led, and facilitated by NSLA program staff, the PLC will:

  • Share best practices, personal experiences, and case studies for knowledge, professional renewal, and growth
  • Regularly convene virtually and train youth-serving professionals
  • Hold quarterly training meetings and one in-person all day retreat at NSLA’s Annual Conference in Washington DC


1. Partnership for a Healthier America – Facts about Childhood Obesity 2. Physical Activity of Children and Adolescents during the COVID-19 Pandemic—A Scoping Review 3. Supporting Young Peoples’ Mental Health through the COVID Crisis

Who Should Join the Health and Fitness PLC?

Coaches, parents, youth development staff, teachers, community partners, community leaders, public health staff and parks and recreation professionals.

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PLC Team Leader

Adrienne Moore, NSLA Field Consultant

Lead Consultant and Trainer
Center for Healing and Justice Through Sport

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