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Expanding Summer Access to the Wonders of Outdoor Learning

High-quality outdoor summer learning experiences can have a profound effect on youth of all ages. Studies show that quality outdoor learning can lead to improved intellectual and emotional development, which support students’ success in the classroom, and in life. Yet, inequities exist in this area of learning. Studies show that communities of color have less access to high-quality outdoor learning, face higher exposure rates to air pollution and landfills and hazardous waste sites, and are disproportionately affected by climate change. The effects of having lower access to safe, outdoor experiences run deep, including child obesity, diabetes, and asthma, reduced ability to relate to other children and adults, less realistic life expectations, inability to concentrate, and a higher likelihood of personal isolation.

The National Summer Learning Association’s Environment and Outdoor Professional Summer Learning Community (PLC) promotes healthy development and well-being for children and youth, improves collaboration and coordination to identify and prioritize high-quality summertime experiences, with special attention to the needs of children and youth who currently lack these opportunities.

Planned, led, and facilitated by NSLA Field Consultants, the PLC:

  • Share best practices, hear, and respond to latest thinking and come together for knowledge, professional renewal and growth
  • Regularly convene and train library professionals across the U.S.
  • Hold quarterly training meetings and one in-person all day retreat at NSLA’s Annual Conference in Washington DC
  • Cover key topics such as: Family & Community Outreach, Social-Emotional Learning, Policy, and Partnerships

Who Should Join the Environment and Outdoor PLC?

Youth-serving programs who seek best practices and resources on how to provide high-quality outdoor learning experiences.

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PLC Team Leader

Arthur Pearson, NSLA Field Consultant

President & CEO
Thompson Island Outward Bound

Email Arthur at OutdoorEnvironment@summerlearning.org to learn how you can join the Environment and Outdoor PLC.