Public and Affordable Housing Professional Summer Learning Community

Empowering Communities at the Grassroots

Some of the largest and fastest-growing providers of summer learning programs for underserved children are Public Housing Authorities (PHA) and affordable housing developers with their nonprofit partners. In fact, PHAs and affordable housing systems provide safe, decent, and low-cost housing to over 2.2 million low-income residents including 800,000 children. According to the Urban Institute and Council of Large Public Housing Associations (CLPHA), “Housing authorities are acutely aware that although housing itself is a critical component of family stability, housing paired with smart, targeted strategies for helping children succeed in other settings— most notably school—could help families disrupt the cycle of intergenerational poverty."

The National Summer Learning Association’s (NSLA) Public and Affordable Housing PLC is comprised of leaders from CLPHA members, PHAs, and Affordable Housing Systems across the U.S. Our goal is to convene, collaborate, and share best practices and resources year-round in order to empower students where they live, and offer educational opportunities that support their development.

Planned, led, and facilitated by NSLA Field Consultants, the PLC:

• Convenes like-minded leaders from across the U.S.

• Holds quarterly meetings, including virtual convenings, a potential in-person gathering at CLPHA's Housing conference, and a half-day retreat at NSLA’s Annual Conference in Washington DC

• Covers key topics such as: Community Outreach, Social-Emotional Support, Policy, and Partnerships

Who Should Join the Public and Affordable Housing PLC?

Leaders from CLPHA members, additional PHAs, and Affordable Housing systems that serve youth and families with programming and activities during the summer, and/or year-round.

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PLC Team Leader

Emily Samose

ECS Consulting

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