Summer Changes Everything Conference Workshops

Conference attendees can expect a robust and informational schedule of events that will expose them to innovative and scalable strategies to meet the summer and after-school learning needs of all children. Here is a listing of the current workshops. Download the PDF version.

Organization Session title Description
Afterschool Alliance Saving Summer: Advocating to Preserve our Programs Developing a strong advocacy plan is key to cultivating broad support for summer learning. In this session, discover techniques to design an advocacy strategy to mobilize and strengthen support for your programs with elected officials and key stakeholders.
Alliance for a Healthier Generation Preventing Opioid Use: Resources for Summer By addressing risk and protective factors through positive youth development, summer programs can prevent opioid misuse. Attendees will leave this interactive workshop with free resources to strengthen existing wellness programming and empower children to thrive socially, emotionally and physically.
BellXcel Transforming Teacher Practice – The Promise of Summer Learning for Job-Embedded Skill-Building Learn and discuss the core features of BellXcel’s approach to educator development in the summer, including pre-summer professional development, ongoing coaching and reflection, and job-embedded practice. Design an optimal learning experience leveraging summer as an experiential teaching laboratory.
Big Thought Building Learning Pathways, One Step at a Time Join Big Thought to hear lessons learned from the kickoff of a multiyear pilot that employs Dallas City of Learning (DCOL) – winner of the 2016 NY Life Excellence in Summer Learning Award – to create more connectivity, visibility, and currency in the skills students acquire through DCOL’s ecosystem.
Big Thought Summer Learning Hubs; Creating Sustainable & Viable Learning Ecosystems In a 0-3 year strategy, cities, non-profits, and schools can work together to leveraged community resources and recognize the importance of representation to create viable learning ecosystems.  Creating a strategy to build relationships and begin to impact communities through summer programming.
Book Harvest Books Beyond the Bell Learn how to strengthen your existing summer programming by adding book giving and parent engagement tools. Our toolkits will provide easy practical ways you can add to your existing programming to get more kids reading and more parents engaged in summer learning. (For summer providers.)
Boston After School & Beyond How the City of Boston became a Summer Learning Classroom In 10 years, the City of Boston has transformed into a classroom for over 14,000 students this year.  Learn how through grassroots efforts, Boston has developed one of the most comprehensive summer learning programs in the country.  Session accessible for summer learning professionals of all levels.
Camp EDMO Technology Integration PK-8th We will provide programmatic ideas and implementation strategies for organizations looking to integrate coding or tech based options into their curricular offerings for PK-8th grade. We will focus on scaffolding techniques to progress children through various levels of coding and computer skills.
Council Consulting, LLC Make your lesson rise; cookie cutters not allowed The internet is a great resource for finding lesson plans, but those lesson plans may not be appropriate or outcome- focused. A hands-on session to help programmers perform a quality check on lesson plans using the experiential learning cycle and the S.A.F.E features for intentional skill-building.
CRESST/University of Maryland & NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Engaging Children and Their Families Through STEM The NASA Family Science Night program focuses on the principles of whole-family learning through STEM activities. In this session for program developers and implementers, participants will explore research and depart with resources to integrate family engagement strategies into their programming.
CRESST/University of Maryland and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Learning from Light: Fun Activities to Explore! How do astronomers learn about objects that are too far away to visit? Everything we know about distant stars, galaxies, and more comes from one source of information–light. Come experience hands-on activities from NASA that anybody can facilitate. These activities work well for 5th grade and up.
DREAM (formerly Harlem RBI) Learning about Learning: How to Provide High Quality Staff Training Through the lens of adult learning, participants will learn practical strategies to create and facilitate summer learning for staff that will foster high-quality program outcomes. Program Leaders will leave with the ability to create and facilitate summer training to diverse seasonal staff.
Engaging Creative Minds Our success story:  How winning the 2016 Excellence Award helped us scale up our program & how you too can experience the same success! The Excellence Award is so much more than a trophy and we’re going to show you exactly how this award created more opportunities than we ever dreamed possible.  Join us in this interactive dialogue that mirrors our “woohoo culture.”  We’ll take you through the last three years of our growth made possible by this award and how we have been able to scale-up our camp model without having to scale-up our organization!  We’ll share stories about new funding opportunities, creative grants, not-so-obvious partnerships, and community engagement that you can implement as soon as you get home.
Evaluation Studio 5 Ways to Embrace A Lot of Data with Very Little Evaluation Studio conducted a research project to understand the data and program evaluation challenges & priorities out-of-school time programs face every day. This session will present 5 key actionable solutions on how to get started, and maintain a program evaluation with very few resources.
Family Literacy of  Georgia Georgia Afterschool Standards and Summer Planning Working Backwards Are you seeking larger funding for your afterschool programs? Would you like to increase your collaborative efforts with your local school district? Are you ready for state evaluations using the afterschool standards model? Join us for a fun, engaging learning experience. Lots of freebies!
Florida Institute of Education at the University of North Florida Supporting Academics and Igniting Learning (SAIL) into Summer Literacy The SAIL into Summer Literacy Program is a literacy curriculum designed for at-risk elementary children to help stem summer learning loss through access to texts and engaging hands-on activities. Target audience – out-of-school time professionals serving children ages 5-11.
Food Research & Action Center Summer Meals: Planning, Participation, and Partnerships Did you know that federal funds are available to cover the cost of meals served at summer programs in every state? This session will cover how to get started serving summer meals, strategies and activities for engaging families and children, and best practices for partnerships and planning.
Free Library of Philadelphia Infusing Literacy Into Summer Camp Programs Learn how to create an easy literacy infusion program that will help camp programs integrate reading and literacy activities to help combat summer slide. Organizations looking to boost literacy in summer programs can join the Free Library of Philadelphia and Read by 4th to learn about our program.
Georgia Department of Education Constructing Powerful Partnerships: A Game-Changer! Family Engagement changes everything!   This session is designed to share concrete tools to enhance the development of skills, increase knowledge, and recognize relevant resources for practitioners to engage families in propelling youth toward their maximum potential!
Georgia Public Broadcasting Ready To Learn: Increasing Family Engagement Using Early Learning Media Families may go on summer vacation, but that doesn’t mean you should take a break from family engagement. Join Georgia Public Broadcasting, education partners, and CPB-PBS Ready To Learn to discover community-wide strategies and resources for engaging parents of kids ages 2 to 8 with STEAM in summer.
Georgia Tech- CEISMC Summer Matters: Bridging the Gap from Middle to High School and Beyond Summer matters! It is important that we address what happens with youth during the summer months that affect students’ performance in and out of the classroom. This session will highlight how Georgia Tech programs bridge the gap from middle school to high school and beyond!
Higher Achievement Summer Focus: Writing and Presentation Skills In today’s world, writing and presentation skills get short shrift. Our summer program teaches topic selection, researching, writing/editing, and presenting. This session helps practitioners develop a compact course that integrates social justice themes and bridges a vital learning gap.
Horizons Greater Washington Prioritizing Continuous Quality Improvement across Summer Learning Programs: A Deep Dive into SLPQA and Additional Tools to Measure Quality Assessing quality leads to high quality summer programs, more student engagement, and well informed staff practices. This session will highlight how two Horizons Programs assess quality in their programs through various measures in the continuous quality improvement cycle.
Horizons National Increasing Intentionality in Program Design This session seeks to heighten one’s use of intentionality in program design by presenting current research on academics and SEL, exploring two approaches to theme-based programming, and providing the opportunity for analysis, discussion, and planning with OST colleagues.
InPlay What do parents really want from summer programs? How program marketers can better reach underserved families. Do you struggle to recruit students from underserved backgrounds? Understand the needs of families from an end-user perspective. InPlay will share multi-city field research and case studies on the needs of parents and students for analysis and discussion.
kid-grit Theater Games, Life Skills and CASEL Get ready to grow, glow, gasp, growl, giggle & grin!  It’s no secret that improv has been utilized for decades as a method of encouraging creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication. Join us and we will show you how it can be used as a disguised tool for social-emotional learning too.
Kids Read Now Finding and Engaging Community Partners & Sponsors Why Community Involvement is Important: Your community should be invested in your students’ futures. Investing time and money into summer literacy can help your community take an active role in improving not only the students’ lives, but the community and its future.
Little Friends For Peace Engaging All Ages in the Kindness Revolution Check today’s news. America has a meanness problem, and Little Friends For Peace (LFFP), an award-winning nonprofit founded in 1981, has a kindness solution. Teachers, administrators, and all who care about children will benefit from this interactive Social and Emotional Learning experience.
Metro Parks Tacoma Empowering Youth in the Water with Equity & Ease Why is swimming the only sport that requires lessons before joining? Come see how our no-experience swim team approach breaks down real/perceived barriers and will put underrepresented populations in your aquatics programs right away. We have data! Please wear clothing comfortable to move in.
Metro Parks Tacoma Demonstration of N0-Experience Swim Teams! This is the in-water demonstration of the curriculum featured in our session titled “EMPOWERING YOUTH IN THE WATER WITH EQUITY & EASE.” Come and have fun with us in the pool ESPECIALLY if you do not know how to swim. All levels welcome! Wearing shorts and t-shirts is fine. Just watching is ok too.
Museum of Science and Industry System 201: Building Partnerships to Link STEM and Literacy Join staff from the Museum of Science and Industry and the Chicago Public Library to explore methods of establishing partnerships that encourage connections between literacy and STEM learning. Practical partnership tools and sample activities will be shared in this hands-on workshop.
Museum of Science and Industry Summer STEM Greatest Hits Come do the very best summer STEM activities developed by the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Your hands-on experience paired with philosophical grounding and our years of reflective practice will prepare you to do these activities and train your staff for a summer full of STEM fun!
National Center on Afterschool and Summer Enrichment Heard About the National Center on Afterschool and Summer Enrichment? Come Find Out More! The federally-funded National Center on Afterschool and Summer Enrichment, known as NCASE, is a training and technical assistance center that works to increase families’ access to high-quality afterschool and summer programs. Come find out how NCASE’s resources and TA opportunities can help you increase your program’s quality and reach high-need families!
National Foreign Language Center, University of Maryland Support English literacy with a STARTALK language program A summer foreign language program can also help students build their English literacy! This session will share research on the connection between foreign language learning and English literacy, and tell you how to apply for a grant to run a summer language program at no cost to you or your students.
National Summer Learning Association System 101: Building Community-wide Systems and Strategies for Summer Learning In this workshop participants will receive Summer Learning Program Quality Assessment quality standards and hear about and share practice ideas for using them in continuous program improvement. The workshop will make extensive use of the new interactive program planning guide, Summer Starts in September. The facilitators will model activities and tools that participants can use to plan the summer learning program.
National Summer Learning Association Research Roundtable Pull up a seat at the table to share and discuss new research in the field of summer learning! NSLA will facilitate short presentations from partners (including a new report from the National Academy of Sciences Committee on the Summertime Experiences and Child and Adolescent Education, Health, and Safety), and some free-flowing discussion on the opportunities and challenges for summer programs and research. If you have new research projects or findings you would like to share with the group, please email to get on the agenda for this workshop and receive instructions for preparation.
One World Education Sharing Secrets of Summer Curriculum Successes 80% of summer students using One World made statistically significant gains on research and writing skills, according to a recent third party evaluation. Understand curriculum’s role in this progress, learn about needed improvements and discuss their implications. Target audience: summer leaders.
Oxnard School District The Impact of Experience for English Learners Experience based summer learning programs aid in closing the achievement gap for English Learners. The workshop will review the data from two programs in the State of California and share how to navigate designing an experience based program through maximizing partnerships.
Southwestern Child Development Commission Cutting Loose: Getting the Most out of Summer Camp Materials Effective summer camp materials don’t have to break the bank. This interactive training provides summer camp professionals of all levels with an understanding of Reggio Emilia inspired materials, and efficient ways to incorporate loose parts materials into summer camp learning goals.
Springboard Collaborative Parents as Literacy Coaches: Making a difference all summer and beyond In schools with 10% of parents at report card conferences, Springboard’s summer weekly family training workshops average 91% attendance. Through this session, we will share best practices in mobilizing families and empowering them to be effective literacy coaches during the summer months and beyond.
SummerLEAP at the College at Brockport Rochester Model for High Quality, Fun, and Engaging Summer Programs: 7 Principles The presentation will provide context for the development of the 7 Principles for High Quality Summer Programs developed by representatives from area programs, which reflect current research, evaluation, and local expertise. Discover how this model can be applied to your planning and implementation.
Sunrise of Philadelphia, Inc. Trauma Buzz: Moving from Buzzwords to Concrete Action “Trauma” is a current buzzword in the field of education and youth development. In a non-clinical context, how do we actually implement trauma sensitive practices? Join for an opportunity to sort through theory and move to concrete ideas for implementation.
Synergy Enterprises, Inc. Financial Literacy for All with You for Youth Financial planning and decision-making are challenges for many Americans. Fortunately, research shows that even very young students can learn the basics of financial literacy. This workshop will enable participants to build financial concepts into summer program activities for every age group.
TERC ArtMath at the Art Museum: Findings and Hands-On Activities This session is for those interested in STEAM programming and research. It presents the findings of a six-month pilot that involved families in a series of events that integrated art and math in an art museum. We will also do hands-on activities to learn about how to successfully integrate STEAM.
The David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality SEL Framework Essentials In this workshop, participants will explore a framework focuses on how to examine SEL efforts in the context of both the field’s commitment to PYD and the research, resources, and supports driving adoption of SEL practices in staff practices, program management, and continuous quality improvement.
The Fresh Air Fund DEI: “For Us, by Us” Staffing & Leadership Leadership in camping and youth development is widely homogeneous.  Summer learning programs have the unique opportunity to blend leadership development and pipelines to employment.  How can we develop leaders “for us by us?” What can we do to help young staff see the career potential in our fields?
The Patterson Foundation Summer Reading, Weaving a Tapestry of Support The Suncoast Campaign for Grade-level Reading built a community-wide system -the summer reading challenge, now in its third year. Learn how school districts, out-of-school-time providers, businesses, nonprofits and community leaders collaborate to build community while abolishing the summer slide.
The YMCA of Greater Richmond Mythbusting–Scaling Summer Mythbusting–Scaling Summer is targeted at leaders and decision-makers who are grappling with how to amplify their work through partnership. Learn about recent research on scaling, examine tools to help identify readiness to collaborate, and hear the true life story of the YMCA of Greater Richmond!
TPT PBS Building STEM Superheroes in OST Want to create equitable, inclusive science learning communities?  Join us for an interactive session about equity strategies that engage and inspire all K-2 learners. Explore the strategies in action as you do hands-on-activities from a new PBS program Hero Elementary.
Tuscaloosa City Schools How we made summer learning core to our district strategy The research is clear that summer learning loss is a major contributor to achievement gaps but few districts treat summer learning as core to their strategy to close those gaps. One district has committed to “normalizing” summer learning for all students and exponential change is already evident.
VOX Teen Communications Youth voice & choice in summer learning Increase youth voice and choice for increased student engagement and program outcomes! Participants will experience interactive strategies for meaningful youth voice and hear from an organization that used these strategies to train staff and improve project-based learning for a totally “lit” summer.
Washington State University Training youth to facilitate community building, team building and closing activities: tips, materials, and mobile app We know the power of building youth groups using community builders and other activities. It is nice to be the leader. What about the youth? Time to stop being the leader and teach the youth to lead these activities. Will share the success from youth in Saipan, CNMI to Tacoma, WA. Play and learn!
Wayne State University WSU Math Corps: a revolutionary K-12 curriculum The Wayne State University Math Corps’ nationally renowned mathematics and mentoring program has rewritten all of arithmetic and algebra to make a large amount of learning possible in a short summer program. This session presents an overview and the main ideas behind this revolutionary curriculum.
WRiTE BRAiN WORLD Every Picture Tells THEIR Story! This session will explore project-based literacy learning for grades K-12. Activities utilize wordless picture books, designed to support the development of 21st-Century, social-emotional, and metacognition skills through inherently engaging, non-threatening, disguised learning.